Powerfull & Flexible Payroll

Complete and powerfull payroll which satisfy your needs


Powerfull Payroll

Payroll that can be customize to fit your needs

Transfer Salaries

Transfer employee salaries to their bank account and upload WPS file in one step.

Bank Files

Export all local banks files and WPF file to be uploaded in the bank portal with minmal steps.

Integrate with Accountant Systems

Send the payroll to accountant system like Odoo and Qoyod after the payroll has been approved in one click.


Calculate overtime hours for all employees in a very simple way.

Work Days

Configure work days to be 30 days for all months or use actual month days

Work Hours

Auto calculations for work hours and late/absent deductions with ability to review and approve each operation.


Enroll and register employees with General Organization for Social Insurance via Malachite and calculate total amount to be paid for GOSI.

Deductions & Additions

Register and approve deductions or additions on salaries and let Malachite do the rest.


Create, customize and define the calcualtion of the allowances based on company policy and contracts.

Salaries Transfer

Transfer employees salaries to their bank accounts and upload WPS file in one click via Malachite using Mudad without any need to login to other portals


Detailed reports about GOSI deductions and entitlements for each months. In addition, ability to register and enroll employees within GOSI via Malachite


Define and customize allowances based on your company policy and set the calculation method for each allowance whether it is fixed amount or a percentage of basic salary.In addition, you can exclude certain allowance from being count in end of service rewards

Deductions & Additions

Create and approve deductions and additions that, will be applied to the salaries and extract reports for each month

Approvals and Workflow

Define and set approval levels with unlimited numbers to approve payrolls


Dashboard and details report for all operations included in the payroll. In addition, you can create your own customize excel file to be exported and export the differences between payrolls in a detailed file

And More ...

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